• "After just a few weeks on Genetic Labs Australia's NMN, I noticed improved mood and mental clarity. Plus, I'm sleeping better and have more energy."

  • "Genetic Labs Australia's NMN has made a big difference in my overall health and well-being. My skin looks and feels healthier, and I have more energy."

  • "Genetic Labs Australia's NMN is the best supplement I've tried. My energy levels are through the roof and my workouts are more intense than ever."

  • "Genetic Labs Australia's NMN has really helped support my body's natural aging process. I feel more energetic and my skin looks great."

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Anti-Ageing Supplement | NMN Supplements

NMN Supplement

Nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN) supports the body's natural ageing process. Experience high quality supplements that are proudly Australian.

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    No GMO

    We are against genetically modified organisms in our capsules.

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    Plant Based

    No animal-derived ingredients are included to support a vegan lifestyle.

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    Gluten Free

    All our supplements are formulated 100% gluten-free for all dietary needs.

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    100% Pure

    Our supplements are formulated with no added ingredients or contaminants.

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NAD+ Production

Take NMN supplements to experience an increase in NAD+, leading to increased energy. This formulation helps increase NAD+ (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) production, which cranks up energy production in your cells.

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Brain Function

Research suggests Australian NMN Supplements may increase NAD+ production in the brain, which could help with age-related cognitive decline and other brain function issues.

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Insulin Sensitivity

Australian made Berberine Supplements may enhance insulin sensitivity and manage blood glucose levels. Berberine activates the body's "metabolic master switch," AMPK, harmonising gut health, reducing liver fat, and taming inflammation.

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