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Investing in Longevity: Why Wealthy Investors Prioritise Health Over Wealth

In a revealing exploration of modern priorities, the latest UBS Investor Watch survey underscores a pivotal shift among the affluent: health now trumps wealth. Surveying over 5,000 high-net-worth individuals worldwide, the study reveals that many are prepared to exchange significant wealth for extra years of good health.

The Price of Longevity

The desire to extend life is not new, but what's remarkable is the extent to which the affluent are willing to pay for it. The findings reveal that individuals with over $50 million are prepared to give up nearly half of their fortune for an extra decade of healthy life. This readiness decreases slightly among those with lesser but still substantial wealth, illustrating a direct correlation between the amount of wealth and the percentage one is willing to sacrifice for health.

A Global Perspective on Health Concerns

The survey highlights a universal concern among wealthy investors: the rising cost of healthcare. Over half of the respondents globally anticipate living to the century mark, yet this optimism is clouded by anxiety over escalating medical expenses. This worry is most pronounced in the US and Singapore but is a common theme across all surveyed nations.

Redefining Wealth Management

As longevity increases, so does the complexity of managing wealth. The traditional timelines of retirement planning are becoming obsolete. The wealthy are now considering how to manage their investments across potentially several economic cycles. Moreover, the concept of legacy is evolving. Wealth transfer is starting to occur earlier, sometimes skipping a generation.

The Intersection of Wealth and Health

The survey underscores a crucial trend: health is becoming a significant investment focus. Wealthy individuals are not merely spending on immediate healthcare needs but are also investing heavily in preventive care to safeguard their future. This paradigm shift indicates a broader understanding of health as a critical component of a fulfilled, extended life.

Implications for Financial Planning

The implications for financial advisors and wealth managers are profound. As clients prioritise health and longevity, financial planning must adapt to accommodate longer lives, potentially higher medical costs, and earlier wealth transfer. Advisors must now consider health costs as a critical factor in wealth preservation strategies.

The UBS Investor Watch has illuminated a transformative trend in the priorities of the wealthy. Health is not just wealth; it is becoming the primary focus of the wealthy's planning and spending. As we look to the future, the financial industry must evolve to meet these changing needs, ensuring that wealth not only grows but enables a longer, healthier life.


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